The database Archivum Corporis Electronicum" allows access to the collection of squeezes, photographs and bibliographical references maintained by the CIL research centre, sorted by inscription-number. Digital images of inscriptions and squeezes (when available) can be viewed at different resolutions. Additions are made to the database continuously; the online version was last updated in December 2008.

Indices are available for those CIL volumes which currently lack a printed index. Available at present are a word-index to the Republican inscriptions (CIL I² 2, 4) and indices to the milestones from Raetia and Noricum (CIL XVII/4, 1). An index of find spots and places of storage for inscriptions from CIL I² 2-4 is currently being prepared for online use.

Concordances match the inscription numbers used in early editions (such as Gruter) to those of the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum; they are available as pdf-files. Also available are corrections and addenda to the Index Numerorum, the internal concordance to the CIL.

The German-Latin Glossary lists vocabulary used in the draft-editions of inscriptions. A glossary of stone-types used in ancient monuments is also provided.

The Anthology is a selection of Latin verse inscriptions from Roman Africa, accessible via interactive maps, among other methods.

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