Inscriptions from the Roman Republic (CIL I² 2, 1–4) — Find spots, depositories, sources

compiled by Hans Krummrey

In order to facilitate the work on the third edition of CIL I, it seemed prudent to complete the indexes of the second edition. Although there were shared indexes available for fasc. 1 and 2, as well as separate indexes for fasc. 3, there were no indexes for fasc. 4. All the material from fasc. 1 to 4 have now been compiled into shared indexes and prepared for publication. The index for the find spots in CIL I², as well as a compilation of the original depositories and of the persons mentioned in the index, has been completed. A database for this three-part index, which includes multiple search options, was created for online use by Nora Unger. The index was originally meant to be printed and now contains numerous references which should prove useful when read from a computer. The possibility to select places from modern provinces or countries, or from quadrants in the Barrington-Atlas, will certainly be met with approval by the editors of the third edition.

I thank Manfred G. Schmidt, the head editor of the CIL, for his support of my work and for allowing me to use one of CIL's offices. Nora Unger receives my gratitude for her notable contribution, as well as my colleague Marcus Dohnicht, who helped with my computer-based work and who discussed numerous index questions with me. I am also very grateful to Elise Walther for translating all of the preliminary remarks into English.

This index will be maintained regularly, the current version is 1.0 (August 2013). Please send suggestions and comments to the CIL.

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Republican Inscriptions (CIL I² 2, 4)

An alphabetic list of Latin words is available here.

A detailed guide to this index and further word-lists are available here.

The indices to CIL I² 1 and CIL I² 2, 1—3 are available in print.

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Milestone Inscriptions (CIL XVII 4, 1)

Provisional indices to the milestones from Raetia and Noricum are available here.

The indices to CIL XVII/2 are available in print.

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